Cash for Cars

North Point Cars are happy to pay top cash or accept as a trade-in, clean used second-hand vehicles of all descriptions: small cars, family cars, 4WDs. Do you have a good quality, reliable car that you no longer need? You could turn it into cash and let’s face it, everyone could use some extra cash. You can choose whether to take the cash or more importantly, trade up to your next car! Check out the competitive prices paid by North Point Cars.

How do you ensure that you can get the best price possible for your car?

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Is your family expanding or you just need more space when travelling? Think about a large car or even a 4WD. Are you looking to down-size now that the kids have left home? Think about a small car or a medium-sized car. Changed employment and no longer need the work vehicle? Speak to the team at North Point Cars about what type of car would suit you.

If the car you are offering for sale is currently under finance, North Point Cars will organise for the remainder of the loan to be paid out for you.