How Do I Keep My Car in Good Condition?

Do I really need to keep my car in good condition? Yes! One day in the future when you want to sell it, it makes sense that a car that has been kept clean and serviced regularly, should be worth more than one which has never been looked after.

Sometimes it is the simple things that work the best!

Have Your Car Serviced regularly!

Regular servicing is important. Fixing the small things can be a lot cheaper than waiting until it becomes a major and probably more expensive repair. It may also mean that you potentially could be without a car for a while and that could be inconvenient and costly!

Fluids in the engine, gearbox, brake system and steering need to be checked and changed according to the manufacturers specifications and usage of the vehicle.

Moving parts need to be checked for wear and replaced if necessary.

Hoses also need checking for tiny cracks or holes that would allow fluid to escape and cause damage to the car.

Vibrations caused through driving can also cause parts to loosen and a mechanic will check these.

It is a good idea to get an idea of the cost of a car service when you purchase your car; that way you can budget for it. Sure, sometimes things pop up unexpectedly but being prepared is better.

Keep Your Car Clean!

Clean your car at least once a month inside and out.

Make sure that no rubbish is left in the car and any spills are wiped up immediately.

Vacuum the interior and wash the outside.

Using a damp cloth wipe clean the dash, windows and mirrors.

A commercial car wash is a convenient option but a quick half hour wash with warm soapy water is just as good!

Keep Fuel in Your Car!

Fuel up before you run out. Sometimes there can be sediment in the bottom of a fuel tank and if this is sucked into the engine it can cause a problem.

Do Tyre Checks Regularly!

Check the tyre pressures regularly. Driving on flat or under-inflated tyres can increase your fuel consumption. Make sure that you check the spare tyre as well! Read more

Registration Requirements!

Make sure that your car is registered. This ensures that it is roadworthy and that you have third party insurance. It will be registered when you drive out of North Point Cars but it is your responsibility to maintain this.

The NT Motor Vehicle Registry no longer issues registration labels and often it is easy to forget when your registration is due. There is a free phone app that makes checking your registration status easy. To download it just access the App Store on your mobile phone, search for NT Rego and then follow the install instructions. For more information click here.

Then check it out on your car and your friends too!


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